Termalift DD is a company whose activity is production of lifting and transmission devices. This includes the import, reparation and sale of forklifts and design, procurement, delivery, installation, service and repair of passenger lifts, cargo platforms, car platforms and escalators on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and the region.

Termalift is an Exclusive distributor for Spain’s ORONA elevators on the territory of Macedonia.


(1965) The Roots of Termalift - Service Winkler

Our roots in the technology date back more than 40 years ago, that is in 1965, when the Termalift DD founder’s father, Ljubinko Damjanovski, opened a small service for electro-technic appliances under the name of Winkler.

(1990) Company Terma

In 1990, after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the liberalization of the system, the service grew into a company under the name of Terma, which expanded its activity with the delivery and installation of passenger and freight elevators from Italy.

(1996) Establishment of Termalift

In 1996, the Terma Company was renamed Termalift DD, with Dragan Damjanovski as a founder.

(2015) Certificate

We have updated our ISO certificate to
ISO 9001:2015

(2016) Macedonian quality - certificate

Termalift has received the title of Macedonian Quality for 2016 for its business successes and national and global promotion of Macedonian quality.

(2017) Orona – Exclusive distributors

From May 2017 Termalift has become an Independent Exclusive Distributor for passenger elevators ORONA for Macedonia.

(2020) Macedonian quality - certificate

Termalift has again received the title of Macedonian Quality for 2020 for its business successes and national and global promotion of Macedonian products in time of global pandemic.

(2021) Celebrating 25 years anniversary!

Termalift celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Formed as a small service for electrical appliances, today we write 25 years of success story, establishing ourselves as a leader in the region in sales and service of forklifts, with over 7,000 satisfied customers.


Thermalift-Elevators has over 1500 satisfied customers, among which we can mention a few: Tim Engineering, Nastel, Ilinden AD Struga, Zikol, Mason engineering, UPM Group, Elektrometal, Cementarnica, Arka hotel, Office- Kom, Evgenia Plan, Vanhul, Kola, Karaorman, Coding, Montenegro, Automobile SC, Mikey-Kamnik, City Hospital Skopje, Health Center Veles, Hromak, Zito Veles, Velcity, Hospital Prilep, Engineering Teracota Prilep, Kozjak Kumanovo, Eupropa Investment, Bitola, Nabisi Struga, Poliproject Gostivar, IGM Kocani and many more …

Expanding in the region

Beyond the borders of Macedonia, Kosovo (Djakovica, Ferizaj, Pristina …) and Serbia (Bujanovac, Vranje, Nis …)

Termalift - Elevators today

To date, Termalift has sold and installed over 1000 elevators in Macedonia and neighboring countries. With over 2,000 satisfied customers in all areas: sales, design, service, parts, solutions and other services and with 25 years of experience, Termalift proves its professionalism, sincerity and quality.


  • 25 years of experience with Passenger elevators, Cargo platforms, Parking systems, Escalators and Dumbwaiters
  • The first elevator was delivered and installed in 1993
  • 25 Employees
  • Over 1,500 satisfied customers
  • Design and installation of elevators according to the needs of the client
  • Flexibility to the requirements of the client
  • Fast and timely delivery
  • Planning the assembly dynamics
  • Basic Warranty of 24 months with the possibility of extended warranty
  • Spare parts of liner
  • Always keep up with the new technologies in the field of lifts
  • Quick mounting with specialized tools
  • Professionally trained serviceman for Orona according to European standards
  • Internal engineering control during installation and commissioning of the elevator
  • We operate according to the latest standards EN 81-1 / 2 + A3 and 81.20 / 50
  • Exclusive authorized Distributor for Spanish elevators company Orona in the territory of Macedonia
  • 24/7 technical and service support throughout the region of Macedonia
Generalen Menadzer

Dragan Damjanovski

General Manager / Owner


+389 75 211 044

Rakovoditel na sektor

Delfina Gjorgjievska

Elevators Department Manager


+389 76 299 479


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